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Why Delighting in Him?

Hello, there. So glad you are here! Delighting in Him is the place where I invite you to rejoice in the sweetness of His Word {Ps.19:1,8-10; Jer.15:16}.

Whenever I am tempted to become restless and discontented with my life, whenever thoughts travel to wondering what my future will be, or whenever I lose sight of all the Lord has done for me, I must look to Him, delight myself in Him!

“Jesus Christ is in every way sufficient to the vast desires of the soul.” –John Flavel

He is all-sufficient. The love my heart craves, the deep desires, the search for lasting joy is only, only found in Him. Grasping at anyone or anything else is like constantly grasping at empty wind.  Let’s seek Him. Let’s delight in Him.  Because He promises:

“Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” -Psalm 37:4


With love,

Moriah Simonowich


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