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3 Ways to Fight Comparison

If only I could write like so-and-so does. Oh, and this other person is extremely gifted in drawing. Why can’t I be popular and outgoing like my other friends?

Comparison clouds the heart. It saps the joy right out of you.

God has woven a unique set of skills into the core of each one of us. You are incredibly gifted in ways I could never be–and vice versa. But, if I compare my life to yours or you compare your life to mine, we will both end up feeling defeated.

Guaranteed. Every. single. time.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt

What a thief it is: corroding our contentment, bruising the tender places of our heart, and paralyzing our potential.

Perhaps, even now you are counting the smarting scars this thief has left on your own life and question…

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