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This Changes Everything | A Book Review


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In a culture where expecting maturity among teens is a strange concept and philosophical trends push us to “live it up while you’re young,” This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years comes as both a refreshing and startling plea.


Author Jaquelle Crowe entreats the heart in raw, honest transparency. She’s been there too. This makes the story all the more relevant, convicting, and worthwhile to listen to. Throughout the pages of her book, she illustrates that the current of change possible through Christ and the Gospel is more beautifully compelling than what our culture dictates. Her practical, solid advice desperately needs to be heeded and embraced by the rising generation.

Striving towards a more passionate pursuit of following God and loving Him with our whole hearts and souls, Jaquelle navigates readers through these crucial topics: Our Identity, Story, Community, Sin, Discipline, Growth, Time, and Relationships.

Perhaps we have desired to obey these Biblical commands, yet have remained perplexed about how to implement them. Step-by-step ways are scattered generously throughout to encourage frank searching of our lives and to stimulate growth. A handful of probing questions are also included at the close of each chapter.

You may be wondering how “This Changes Everything” impacted me personally.

My heart was full, overflowing, just several pages into it. Tears welled. A fresh love for Jesus was ignited in my core at once again seeing His infinite compassion, mercy, and grace towards me–a sinner.

I wanted to know Him more deeply than ever before; to serve Him more passionately than ever before. To let my life be poured out for His great name’s sake.

“We owe God every last drop of our passion, service, and devotion” (Crowe, 41).

Every last drop. We must pour our lives out, holding nothing back.  How could we do less?

We do not have to dodge our responsibilities to live fully for Christ simply because our culture does not expect much from us. The days of our youth do not have to be wasted or tossed away. Instead, they can be some of the richest, most growth intensive years of our lives.

I needed this powerful glimpse at twenty and so does every wondering heart–whether in their tweens, teens, and twenties–or before, or beyond.

*I received a free copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for giving my sincere opinion of it.

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