EveryHeartPhotography, Psalm 147:3-5

Dear Broken Heart…

You have a Healer. There is One who binds up your wounds.

Know what? Some days, it’s so slippery and hard to grasp, but I’ve found what I must cling to is that every detail of my life is orchestrated by God. Every detail–even the uncomfortable, painful ones–have a purpose. He designs our days to draw us to Him.

Yeah, I know it’s so easy to slip into the trap of thinking that if only my life was like so and so’s, things would be different. Happier. Less painful.

And sometimes, I get distracted and discontent with my own life when I start comparing.

That’s dangerous and destructive.

The secret is, everyone goes through tough circumstances. There isn’t a single heart in this world that hasn’t been wracked with pain of some sort–some stronger or deeper than others. No one has a perfect life. We are all broken.

Loss and trials and shattered relationships slice deeply into the chambers of our emotions, our dreams. We are left bleeding, in need of someone to bandage us up. We tend to run to something, anything to stop the pain, to stop the wounding, yet there is only one balm.

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.”
Psalm 147:3 NKJV

Who else do we have to turn to in this twisted up world? Only Christ can heal a heart.


dear broken heart


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