Broken Heart, Isaiah 53

Weightless Wounds

Pain is a weighty burden. It crushes and bruises and overwhelms the soul unless you shift them onto the shoulders of Jesus. He is the only one strong enough to bear them; and do you know what?

He stands there, wanting us to cast our cares because He cares for us. He is not unwilling or resentful of the load. We have to understand He takes fullest delight and joy when we rely fully upon Him.

We are to be weightless.

What love. What compassion. What tender-hearted mercy.

Jesus knows how feeble we are, the framed of dust. He knows how our spirit is willing and flesh is weak (Ps. 103:14; Mark 14:38).

When your heart and emotions are sliced through and through by the sharp shards of messy relationships and its left bleeding, the process of getting those wounds bound up again can be excruciating. All the tender places, left exposed.

That’s why it takes the tender hands of the One who fashioned our heart, our soul to have the wisdom to heal. A stitch here, several stitches there. And somehow, throughout the heartbreak, He makes it all worthwhile. He works a miracle. We can even dare to whisper that we were glad it happened because it caused us to experience His tender nearness, to feel the balm of His love suturing…

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