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3 Steps to Avoid The Sting of Wrong Choices

Choices come by the millions every day.

Our life will either be filled with light or darkness, kindness or rudeness—these ideals teeter on that one complex word, choice.

Although they take more effort, good choices leave us uplifted and joyful while wrong choices demolish the beauty of a thousand good ones; and sting for longer than we’d like to admit. 

The hope is that we can choose. We aren’t simply victims at the mercy of somebody else. Here are three steps to help make wise decisions…

#1) Count the cost.

What we watch, listen to, and read will be wholesome or otherwise?

Will the consequences prove too bitter to be worth doing _____ (fill-in-the-blank)? 

Will it trigger a guilt that follows you around like a relentless shadow for the next few hours or days or weeks?


#2) Become accountable.

If you are feeling lured into a certain sin, confess it to a parent or trustworthy person who will help you out of the misery of that sin and point you towards truth. Sure, it hurts. But, just think about the freedom confession brings–it outweighs momentary shame and fear of disappointing the person.


#3) Be cautious at crossroads.

Survey the mistakes you’ve made. When you come to a new crossroads in life or revisit an old one, be more careful. Use wisdom. Remember how regrets of stepping out of the boundaries in God’s Word have haunted your heart and know it just isn’t worth it!


What have you gleaned from the wrong choices?





2 thoughts on “3 Steps to Avoid The Sting of Wrong Choices”

  1. #3 Be cautious at crossroads. This is so important. There have been many times I took the wrong turn. I need to remember those times so I will not do that again. It hurts in the long run.

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