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How Can I Trust God During the Hard Times? | Bella D.

Today is the fifth article in our Trust Summer Series! Bella gives us a firsthand glimpse of what it is like to trust God even in the desperately hard and scary times. So needful!


June 27, 2017. I will have a hard time forgetting that date.

My family and I were doing what we usually do at 10:30 in the morning; finishing the chores and sitting down to our studies. Then my mother received a text from my father who was at work:

Then, my mother received a text from my father who was at work:

Active shooter witnessed on property. Going into lockdown now. Please pray.

Directly after receiving the message, she called us all to the table and we prayed. After we broke to our individual research or prayers, I sat down to think.

Terrible stories about recent shootings and innocent people dying in cold blood flooded my memory. What if it was God’s plan for my father to be shot and killed that day? How would I accept something like that? Only the previous evening he and I had been talking about trusting God’s will for your life because I had expressed a hesitancy and unreadiness to minister to a troubled friend, and I remembered his words to me clearly.

“Sweetheart, sometimes God pushes us forward into situations we feel like we are not ready for. He knows exactly what He is doing, so you’re just going to have to trust Him and advance with confidence.”

I had heard the words in context to ministry but slowly, all the concepts became applicable to my situation.

God uses (6)

“God,” I pleaded, “please, if it is your will, protect Daddy. And if something happens today, give me the strength to keep trusting you.”

Immediately a sorrowful peace came over me. It was a bittersweet moment as I realized that God would faithfully provide the trust, but that it may not be His will for me to see my father that evening. I was happy that my trust in God would be held firm and secure through this time, but I cried as I imagined life without my father.

Feeling renewed and ready, I joined my mother. We spent the rest of the lockdown time watching the news.

It’s easy to trust God and hold His hand in the good times, but what about in the bad ones? How do I react?

Do I grow bitter and withdraw my hand; or do I shed my tears of pain and sorrow on His shoulder?

How do I know what my reaction will be during adversity?

God is so faithful. He has shown us such a powerful love that sometimes I wonder how we can ever doubt His purpose. Other times I wonder if He even knows what it is like from my point of view (which He does, because when Jesus walked the earth he experienced all we have and much more). Whatever I go through it is so comforting to know that my weak, mortal mind has a support to lean on and a guide to lead me through life.

Praise the Lord, my father is still here with me, teaching us more about trusting God.


Bella D. is a young writer who yearns to serve the Lord and further His kingdom with her pen. She loves to garden, sew, write and fellowship with her family and friends and three cats.


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