Perfectionism, Unsplash Photo

Wisdom for the Perfectionist

A hurricane of harsh words flung from my lips one morning.

Another bout with sin. Another let down.

In the aftermath, guilty frustration rushed through my veins; my heart felt tired and heavy.

One glimpse at my reflection in the mirror and my face crumples into a cry.

Broken, weak, and flawed, I stand there asking.

In the multitude of my mistakes, can fragments of beauty be found after all?

As I hugged my mom and asked forgiveness for the disrespectful words I spewed that day, She helped me to realize something.

The enemy wanted me to feel trapped and terrible about how I acted – to make me believe I was more broken than the next person. She refuted that lie and told me I wasn’t worse than anyone else (Romans 3:23).

She also shared the truth that there are always fresh starts in Christ.

When You’re Defeated and Struggling

Perfectionism has infected my life for years. It is a tyrannical plague, whispering day in and day out:

“Be perfect and don’t slip.”

Most perfectionists resonate with the dizzy death spiral of trying, then failing, to achieve impossible standards.

Expecting mistakes to come isn’t what brings discouragement. It’s only when flaws set in motion one after the other that we become exhausted, defeated, and stuck.

Satan comes to condemn us. Weighing the atmosphere of our soul with gloom, he mocks, “Just look how terrible you are.”

We’re left singed by this fiery dart, wondering:

Why does failure drain me so dry of hope? What should I do when I’ve disappointed those around me, when sin grips both hands with steel chains?

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