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Sweet Saturday Sayings ~ 12.2.17

Ahh, hard to believe it’s the first post of December!! ❤

Here is a brand new batch of quotes on the topic of love, words, wholeness and brokenness.


Wish I could hold onto this truth forever. It’s the truth for cultivating healthy relationships. Unconditional love…


Love, love the imagery! It captures of beauty of writing…



Practice, practice, practice! 😉


This is my favorite by far! I’ve heeded C.S. Lewis’ advice often before I even knew these words existed. Writing is so therapeutic for me. Love getting my thoughts down…


Healing has come when I’ve brought the messy pieces out of the shadowed recesses of my heart and into the light. Being raw and honest with another godly person who prays with me and cries with me, then turns my gaze to God is better than hiding alone with lies, shame, and fear….


Comforting verse to remember!

Your word is a (1)

Question of the week: What Christmas tradition are you looking forward to the most?

With love,

Moriah Simonowich

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