Chronic Lyme, Guest Post

You Only Have to Live Today

I tilted my head and pushed back my aqua ballcap to gaze at the heavens.

It was a clear night. Star upon star shimmered in the late autumn sky. This beauty was a quiet reprieve in the midst of a difficult season.  God had given my sister, who has struggled fiercely with her health since last Christmas, a rare burst of energy.  Even as the breeze whipped through my clothes and my teeth chattered uncontrollably, I was thankful she felt up to this spontaneous walk on the beach.

We kept plodding ahead through sand, the crash of the waves nearby, despite the cold. It was a brief walk, but it was beautiful. Afterward our lungs burned from the exhilarating cold and our hearts burned with the warmness of this new memory.

This was a rich gift right at the center of what had proved a trying season—a season of loneliness and sickness and uncertainty. At the end of October, half of us had to leave our home when we discovered a mold infestation. Being separated from the rest of our family as the remediation process began was hard, but God blessed us with this gorgeous place at the beach.

There is one lesson God has impressed on my heart again and again throughout these months away from home:

Anxiety about the future strangles the joy right out of our hearts. The Lord tells we don’t have to worry about tomorrow. He provides everything we need—all the sustainment we need—now. We don’t have to live our tomorrows today. (see Matt. 6:25-26)

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8 thoughts on “You Only Have to Live Today”

  1. Love Romans 5:3-5, it’s been my life verse. Come read over on Splinters of we have lots of common ground. Much love to you! I’m in the middle of writing my book and I’m trying to gain an audience. I’m a mom of 2 and not quite sure how to get more followers.

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      1. It’s about my own journey to find out that Hope Himself has me- that when we’re weak and wounded and broken and bound – HE hold us and carries us while we heal and become stronger. A lot has to do with my struggles in general, but especially on that of our family and child who suffers from non apparent disabilities and how the church can better include and love families like that.

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