Christ's Quiet Coming | A Christmas Series, Eliza Downer, Unsplash Photo

When Hope Came Down | Eliza Downer

Eliza has written this lovely finale to the Christmas series! It is so simple but so poignant. Listen to these her words about Christmas hope and worship…

– ❤ –

The cold winter wind whipped through the darkness as a young teenager cradled her newborn child. A single cricket hummed a song of praise to its Maker, who slept. The village of Bethlehem slept quietly through the night, not knowing the One within its gates and the ransom He would pay.


Christmas, it’s the season of the year where we often remember and celebrate the birth of Immanuel.


God with us. Immanuel, one of the most beautiful names of God. He made the choice to be known as us. To be known as a person, as dirt. To be born an outcast, the scum of the earth. He decided to be born in lowliness and to a couple, who labored with their hands.


In the busyness of the holiday season, I often forget to remember the reason for this blessed holiday. I become consumed with the rush of buying and giving of gifts, all while forgetting the gift that was given to me.

He Came to Bear Our Sorrows - Christ's Quiet Coming Series (1)


As time has gone on, I have found the following four things to aid in my worship of Jesus during the Christmas holiday.

1. Read through the Prophecies of Christ’s coming

I find that spending time, before Christmas, reading the prophecies of Christ. A simple search in the scripture will provide a worshipful view of Him. By reading through the promises linked to Jesus, not only do I find myself worshiping, but my trust in God grows more.


2. Spend Time Creating Something of Worship

This could be a poem about Jesus, choreographing a dance for Him while in your bedroom, or painting. The arts are a wonderful way to praise Jesus for coming to this earth.


3. Give a Gift to Jesus

Growing up, my parents would purposefully ask me how I was going to give a gift to Jesus each Christmas. A gift to Jesus could be baking a batch of cookies for a police station, or giving blankets to the homeless. The idea of this is to focus on serving those who are alone this Christmas.


4. Read the Christmas Story

Spend some time this season, reading the account of Jesus’ birth. I, personally, enjoy reading the story on Christmas morning as a way to focus on the reason of the holiday.


Whatever this time of year brings, may your focus be on the worship of Immanuel.

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Bio- Eliza Downer, a teacher by day and writer by night, can often be found hiking in nearby mountain ranges or sipping a cup of coffee. She currently resides in Colorado with her parents and 11 siblings. To read more of her writing, visit:



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