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Savoring Single Tour Giveaway! 

For years, I’ve always admired those women who are fully content in their singleness. Jesus satisfies them. They’ve sought him, and wouldn’t trade a second of their season for the love of a man outside of his timing.

Savoring Single caught my eye a few weeks ago just as I was beginning to long for a way to discover that same contentment–and joy!–as a single woman.

Imagine my excitement when I received a message from Livy Lynn asking if I would like to participate in a Blog Tour for Shelley Black, who is the author of this book! ❤


On February 1st, I had the opportunity to participate in an IG live interview with Shelley.

My heart is so full after listening to such raw, real encouragement from the heart of one single to other single girls. My struggles with singleness started to dissolve that night. Shelley’s joy was contagious and unmistakable.

My soul was also thankful for the reminder–especially so close to Valentine’s–that He hasn’t designed to be something to be lonely but fulfilling and beautiful. 💗💗💗 I left challenged and compelled to live this season with rejoicing and purpose.

That was just the beginning of a major breakthrough in my life. I realized that being unmarried can be the most abundant time of life we will ever experience.


Savoring Single is the perfect book for girls in this generation. Sometimes it feels like everything in the world just draws attention to our singleness resulting in us feeling even more alone. Shelley has written a book that exposes the truth about being single and leads by example how we can cherish -not waste- this important season of our lives.” – Kiara

For my portion of the Tour, Shelley is giving away 4 Autographed Paperback Copies of Savoring Single!

To enter, simply use the Raffelcopter form below, to follow Shelley Black, and the Tour Coordinator, Livy Lynn, on their Social Media accounts and get connected with both of their ministries.

The Giveaway begins February 3rd and ends March 3rd! Have fun entering and getting connected with these lovely ladies! (Oh, and good luck, friends! 😉 ❤ )  

Savoring Single Book Giveaway


Tour Coordinated By: Livy Lynn Blog! Are you a Christian author? Let me plan your next Blog Tour! Visit!



Hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s day. Savor it! Celebrate your singleness! ❤

With love,

Moriah Simonowich


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