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Surrender and Seek: How to Overcome Overwhelming Sin

Life can get messy. And overwhelming.


Everything may seem to fray away at the edges, or spiral out-of-control, but ultimately it isn’t.


God is in control.


Yet that truth becomes a prick of guilt if you’ve wandered from Him. He does allow us to taste the bitter fruit of disobedience—disarray—when we are straying.


Lately, I’ve been stuck in the quicksand of sin. By choice. There are so many areas that need work that I feel paralyzed; frozen.


Instead of casting my cares on Jesus and seeking Him with my whole heart, I’ve had to deal with the chaotic consequences that stem from failing to surrender.


It’s not pleasant. It doesn’t bring peace. So why continue to wake up each morning and go to bed each night wearing the weight of defeat in a dozen areas? Why hold onto things that don’t matter or actually damage my relationship with Jesus?


Good questions. My mom helped me sift through my struggles one night after everyone else headed to bed. We decided the answer for everything is simply to seek Jesus. To keep going to Him even when life is hard or doesn’t make sense. When sin towers over us. When the future is bleak or uncertain.


The answer to struggle is always surrendering and seeking.



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With love,

Moriah Simonowich











2 thoughts on “Surrender and Seek: How to Overcome Overwhelming Sin”

  1. Started on here and read the rest of the post by following the link to Pursue’s website. Thank you for pointing the soul to our Savior! Surrendering and seeking during these times are easy to know but can be hard to actually do as we struggle with sin. Your post serves as an encouragement to surrender and seek Jesus. Thank you for that!

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