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Lasting Comfort and Joy for Deep Longings

Joining in on Tessa Emily Hall’s #CoffeeShopDevosConvo Challenge!! ❤

This week’s question is:

Why do we crave affection,

and how do we respond to this longing?

My best answer is to share a story with you…

Instead of going straight on social media before starting my day this morning, I decided to have quiet time.

It didn’t feel like an easy choice because, to be honest, I’ve been way too addicted to the approval of others lately–a recipe for misery. 

Coffee Shop Devos

The night before, God convicted my heart, drew me near.

Soon after praying that my desire to seek his steadfast love would replace my desire to perform for the approval of others, I scrawled on the back of my iPod with a Sharpie:

Spend some of your moments serving and showing kindness, to another today.


That truth was still impressed on my heart when I woke up this morning, thus creating the desire to change my habit of checking notifications first thing.

To be perfectly honest, the craving was a tough thing to resist. Frustrating even. But, I grabbed my Bible, journal, and a current readasked God to help me focus on him, seek him, search for his steadfast love to satisfy the gaps in my soul.

The back porch was inviting, the weather remarkably cool for August. Breezes came in steady, sporadic rushes.

Sunlight spilled into shadow on the picnic table as I journaled gift after gift, entered God’s presence with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise. After reading in Psalms and John, I picked up the book I’d brought along.

A sentence from page twenty-two resonated with me:

Quote from Vaneetha Rendall Risner

On page twenty-one, Vaneetha mentioned honest lament–lettting “unedited” prayers of emotion pour out.

Expressing to God exactly what I’m feeling, how I’m struggling produces a close, honest connection with him that cannot be established otherwise.

Lasting Comfort for Deep Longings

I’m thankful he led me to surrender my desire to go to others for affection, to ask for help honestly, and to be refreshed with truth that satisfied my deep longings.

Social media is a way to immediately gratify cravings for approval. But it’s fleeting and empty. Taking the time to soak up the truth about God’s steadfast love, however, provides floods of lasting comfort and joy for those deep longings.

With love,

Moriah Simonowich


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