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Enjoy Sunday

Enjoy Sunday. Don’t stress over your outward appearances, just give God your best.

This could mean your outfit consists of ripped skinny jeans—maybe it’s a suit and tie. Or a dress.

We all know that what we wear doesn’t determine our salvation.

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The Pharisees’ clothing were always on point, but God hated what was in their heart. Outwardly perfect, inwardly just stinking dry bones.

Our hearts can be purely, steadfastly, worshipfully fixed on God in Spirit and in truth no matter what style we prefer.

Enjoy Sunday! It’s not a drudgery, it’s sweet joy.


With love,

Crista Moriah Sims

P.S. ^^ My real name made into my pen name due to the twist on my last name. 😉

P.P.S. Here’s a graphic for you:

enjoy sunday


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